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Oliver Family Launches Charitable Organization to Honor Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver’s Legacy

The Sheila Y. Oliver Civic Association Will Host Inaugural Event in July 2024

NEWARK, NJ (November 27, 2023) – In an effort to both celebrate and continue Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver’s legacy, the Oliver family has launched the Sheila Y. Oliver Civic Association. A private, non-profit, non-partisan charitable organization, the Sheila Y. Oliver Civic Association is committed to educating and developing young women of color who are interested in government, public policy, and community organizing.

In addition to its core mission, the Sheila Y. Oliver Civic Association will extend its support to other underrepresented and underserved communities to enable them to achieve both economic and social success. By offering relevant programs and services in education, employment, housing and economic development, the Sheila Y. Oliver Civic Association will empower communities and ultimately change the lives of many.

The organization will host its inaugural Sheila Y. Oliver Legacy Brunch on Saturday, July 20th, 2024 at the Valley Regency in Clifton, NJ. More information on tickets and sponsorship opportunities will be released in the near future.

“Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver was known throughout New Jersey as a beacon of hope for not only young women of color, but for individuals from all walks of life. Our family believes that launching the Sheila Y. Oliver Civic Association is the best way to commemorate the enormous, positive impact she made and allow her to continue making a difference in peoples’ lives for decades to come,” said Renee Oliver, Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver’s niece and President of the Sheila Y. Oliver Civic Association. “Our Aunt Sheila dedicated her life to public service and advocating for those whose voices were not always heard. She inspired young women of color and helped the masses see that they have a place in the world of politics and government and that they can bring positive change to their communities. The Sheila Y. Oliver Civic Association will build on that legacy and work to provide the mentorship, training and support that disadvantaged individuals need to pursue their dreams of making a difference and fostering a more just society.”

The Sheila Y. Oliver Civic Association has launched a new website and social media pages that will be used to promote its activities and connect with potential participants, partners and donors. The organization will announce new initiatives and programs designed to fulfill its mission as it ramps up its activities in 2024. For more information on how to donate to the Sheila Y. Oliver Civic Association please visit

“Lieutenant Governor Oliver was a dear friend, colleague, and my partner in government," said Governor Murphy. "She brought a unique and invaluable perspective to public policy and inspired millions of New Jerseyans, especially young women. I am heartened that her legacy will live on through the Sheila Y. Oliver Civic Association, a non-profit and non-partisan organization founded to create pathways for young women of color to pursue careers in government, public policy, and community organizing."

The New Jersey Business & Industry Association (NJBIA) will posthumously honor Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver with the Candy Straight Woman Trailblazer Award at its Public Policy Forum taking place on Tuesday, November 28th. NJBIA started this award to honor a woman who paved the way for other women in New Jersey politics and government. Governor Murphy is slated to deliver a keynote speech and accept the award on Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver’s behalf.


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